“The need to photograph everything lies in the very logic of consumption itself. To consume means to burn, to use up – and therefore to need to be replenished. We consume images and so need more and more images…” Susan Sontag

The Smokestack series represents a return to the raw materials of photography – film and light. The light that creates the image is simultaneously the fire which consumes, and in its consumption provides smoke that fills the pictorial plane. An ethereal and elusive image, the trace of fire and the outcome of a process, is created through a simple transference of energy and light. The elemental nature of the process and the direct contact between materials suggest something of the original wonder of the possibility of the photographic image and its relation to the physical world. A wonder and relationship often subsumed and confused by digitization.

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Craig Dow_Artist_Photography_Smokestack_2_03




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